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Equipment Checklist


One of sailing's greatest lessons is learning the importance of being prepared and keeping checklists. Please review our recommended SAILOR CHECK LIST   and make sure to label all that nice gear with your sailor's name!


Participation Requirements

Every sailor will be required to:

  • Be entering the 3rd Grade or age 8 by the Program start date.

  • Pass a relatively easy swim test on the first day of each session.

  • Wear a properly fitting U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket at all times on the docks & water.

CPYC Youth Sailing Program FAQs


1. Do I have to be a member of CPYC to participate in Youth Sailing?
Youth Sailing classes are open to anyone the 1st year. See our
Non-Member Options

2. How old does my child need to be to participate?
Sailors must be at least 8 yr old or entering the 3rd grade before the program start date.

3. How do I enroll my child in the class?
CPYC YS 2019 Registration Night is May 6, 2019 from 6-8PM at the CPYC.  Your  
registration form can be complete at that time or submitted thereafter.  Your child is not officially enrolled until registration form and payment in full is received.

4. What kinds of sailing apparel should I have for my child?
Here's our 
Summer Sailor Check List. It’s pretty much like a day at the beach!

5. Where can I get sailing clothes?
Choose from our selection of personalize CPYC YS sailing clothes and gear at the
CPYC YS Shop!  You can also get sailing clothes at sailing stores like US One Design in Yarmouth MA, West Marine, online sailing supply stores, or at sports outlets like REI. You should be looking for clothes that offer good skin coverage and dry quickly.

6. What types of sunscreen and sun protection should I use?
Sailors should buy waterproof sunscreen that is SPF 30+. It is important to find a sunscreen that doesn't burn the eyes. When children sweat sunscreen will end up in their eyes. Sailors should spare no money when they are buying sunscreen.

Hats, clothing with good coverage, and sunglasses are just as important. Adequate sunglasses don’t need to be expensive and there is a high chance of loss, so please do not equip young kids with sunglasses that you’ll be upset about losing or breaking. Polarized lenses are a plus, but still don’t need to cost too much.

7. When do I need to start thinking about buying a sailboat for my child?

As children progress through the ranks  they may benefit from having their own boat. Summary: you don’t need (or want?) your own boat to get started. By the time you do need a boat, you’ll have a good read on the right boat for your child.

8. Can I come and watch my child learn to sail?
Parents are welcome to observe their child's class from a distance. History has shown that many young sailors deal with the challenges of learning to sail best without the distraction of having a parent present.

9. Will my child be safe if there is inclement weather?
We always practice safe procedures at the CPYC Youth Sailing Program. We do not cancel class on rainy days, but may if lightning, high winds, or other hazards exist hold classes in the Club ballroom.  Sailors should be prepared to sail as usual and they should be equipped with appropriate clothing. Please bring a change of clothes!

10. Do I have to own a boat to be in the program?
No. CPYC has a fleet of excellent 
program owned boats to fit most needs, including all beginning sailors, and most double-handed racers. 

11. How well does my child have to swim?
They need to be secure and comfortable in the water. Swim test is 75 ft swim any stroke, 2 minute tread water, and putting a life-jacket on in the water. This is done in cold, harbor water  with low visibility, usually at “The YS Dock”.  If you or your sailor has concerns about the swim test, practice in the weeks before the program is a great idea.  We will try every motivational trick we know, but don’t worry, we’ll never force a child into the water.

12. We live far away. Can we get in a car pool?
Nothing is formally organized. We will be happy to provide you with a list of families. You are responsible for making contacts and arranging rides.

13. I lost my... ? Could you let me know if you see it?
Yes, if it is clearly marked with your name and phone #. Clothes and especially life-jackets should have full name and phone # in a conspicuous place. Sailing gear should be labeled with the name or sail number using an etcher or die punch. You should also label your name on gear with indelible ink.  Lost & Found boxes are located in the Youth Sailing locker area adjacent to the snack bar.

14. Can I leave my children at the Yacht Club while they are not in class?
Children will not be supervised outside of class participation times.  

15. Is there a snack bar?
Yes, On the head-pier next to the YS Locker area. It is Cash only but has an assortment of reasonably prices snacks.

16. How can I or my child become a member of Cottage Park Yacht Club?
Contact  Membership Committee at:


Didn't see the answer to your question?  Send us an e-mail


CPYC YS Organizational Structure

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