C.P.Y.C. Custom Skateboard 


Perfect for hitting the park or cruising the flats -you will be riding in CPYC style with this zippy little cruiser you can still pop an ollie with!  


Custom designed 100% Canadian maple deck complete with stylish C.P.Y.C "Fastest" grip tape -  hand built by Boardpusher specifically for our C.P.Y.C  Youth Sailing Fundraiser.


A  one-of-a-kind C.P.Y.C. treasure!


Thank you Boardpusher!


MSRP $170



DECK TYPE --  Bottle Tail Cruiser

CONCAVE -- medium

LENGTH  --  31.5"

WIDTH  --  8"

WHEELBASE  --  14"

NOSE  --  6.5"

TAIL  --  6.75"

Custom C.P.Y.C. Skateboard