Maestro 2S Wind Instrument - Two Scale Wind Speed and Direction

By Maximum Weather Instruments


When you want real time wind speed, direction and high wind gust measurements,  Maestro is the answer. It gives you the ability to monitor the wind in a classic, elegant display.


The Maestro 2-S (2-Scale) has all the features you’ve come to love about Maestro with the added benefit of 2 user selectable wind speed scales.  The first is a 0-40MPH scale for higher resolution of low wind speed readings. The second is a 0-120MPH scale if you live in an area where extreme winds may occur.


Wind speed is displayed in MPH. Wind direction is displayed via eight red LEDs. Wind speed is self-powered by the included rooftop wind speed sensor, while the direction LEDs are powered by the included AC adapter. The highest gust of wind is saved with the unique Gust Register, allowing you to monitor exactly how hard the wind blew even if you are not present when it occurs.


Wind Speed Scale: 0-40 Mph And 0-120 Mph  

Dial Finish:  Silver Dial

Case Finish: Polished Brass


NOTE: This is  an open box item with parts in unused condition.  The brass instrument is still in it's sealed cellophane bag packaging but the box is opened and shows wear from storage.  It is MISSING the wind speed sensor that can be purchased from Maximum for $81.  For this reason we are offering it at a fantastic price of  $$275 -    use discount code FRIEND at checkout and save an additional 20%!        What a deal!!



Maestro 2 S Unit -with silver dial and polished brass case

Wind Direction Sensor

Wind Directions Sensor Mast (2 piece)

5 Wire Wind Direction Sensor cable

Maestro mounting Hardware Pack

A/C Power Suppy Cable

2 wire Wind Speed Sensor Cable

MISSING: Wind Speed Sensor - can pe purchased direct form Maximum for $81 (Maximum Instruments is located in New Bedford)


This item would have an MSRP $625 if unopened with wind speed sensor included)


Thank you to a friend of CPYC YS

Maestro 2S Two Scale Wind Instrument