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The Boats We Use

Many sailors choose to bring their own boats to the program but you don't need to own a boat to participate!


 The CPYC YS owns Optimist, N10, C420, & RS Feva dinghies- all available to junior sailors during their classes.


The Optimist is the largest one design racing fleet in the world and the international standard in junior instruction. A skipper can race Optimists until December 31st in the year they turn 15.  Optimist racing events are divided into fleets. Green fleet is a special fleet for beginners. Green fleet sailors can be any age up to 15.  A green fleet might have skippers who are as young as 6 and as old as 15. Green fleet focuses on keeping sailors having fun and not as much on competition. After moving out of green fleet, skippers who are 10 or under sail in the white fleet. Skippers who are 11 and 12 sail in the blue fleet. Skippers who are 13, 14, or 15 sail in the red fleet
The class website is

The national N10 class was originally introduced as the Turnabout class with production started in 1953 by Harold R. Turner as a small wooden single or double-handed, cat rigged dinghy.
The boats were initially built as a junior training boat, although adults enjoy the boats as well. The class has grown mainly in the New England and Northeastern regions of the U.S. Fleets are located in Northern Lake George, New York; Boston, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine and New Jersey. The class is 4,200 boats strong and is competitively rigged and can fly a spinnaker.
The class website is


CLUB 420

The C420 is the most popular and versatile double-handed junior boat in North America. The C420 is durable and safe while providing the challenge of having a spinnaker and trapeze. The C420 is widely used by many high school and college sailing programs. The boat is best suited for sailors 12-18 years of age and over 100 pounds.
Additional information about the 420 Class Association is at



The world’s leading double handed dinghy for youngsters and parent / child teams.  An International Class with events around the globe, the RS Feva is the choice for families, clubs and National Authorities to build the pathway to a lifetime in sailing – and a stepping stone at the crucial time in sailing lives.  Exciting performance is the secret behind the success. Modern styling and practical features make it popular.

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