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Tuesday Night Twilights

A fun way for sailors to recreationally build on what they learn in class. 

 Every Tuesday evening sailors from CPYC and Winthrop YC are invited out to practice in a series of non-competitive sailing around a set course.  Twilight sailing is not a mandatory part of the sailing instruction program - It is purely recreational and a wonderful family activity.  Any sailor and his/her crew are welcome to attend this parent-run weekly event.  For sailors that don't own a dinghy we make our Program owned Optis and N10s available for sailor use in Twilights for free on a 1st come basis.  Parents/guardians of participating sailors must attend the races or arrange for supervision of their sailors.  Weather permitting the sailing begins promptly at 6 pm on Tuesday nights.  Prior to the start all sailors must arrange for boats; skippers and crew should plan to arrive at 5:30 to rig their boats and be on the water before 6 pm.   Instructors are present for safety and coaching and not available for supervision. Parental support and involvement are important to the success of Twilights - please consider volunteering

Typically the Twilight series is held in the waters off Pico Park between the CPYC and the Winthrop YC.   So, Pico Park is usually the best on-land viewing site.  Many parents with boats act as spectators or volunteers.  YS does not arrange for spectator boats but our boating families are very accommodating so if you would like to view Twilights from on the water simply ask a boat owner if they have room to take you out.  It’s a great way for our parents to get to know each other.  Usually, something like pizza & beverages are offered on a cash basis at our head pier "snack bar"  once the sailors have returned ashore.

WATCH YOUR EMAIL - If your sailor is planning to participate in Twilights please watch your email closely in the hours prior to start.  Weather is unpredictable and monitored closely.  In the event that CPYC YS feels that the weather is threatening we will send out a blast email canceling Twilights.  If you don’t receive a cancellation email then assume Twilights will happen. 

Watch "Twilights" in action...

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